Guisapet Cat Beds


Commonly known as an independent type of pet, this assumption doesn’t do them justice. In fact, cats can be truly loving animals, and they will show appreciation to owners that demonstrate a consistent affection to them.
Cats might spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping, and for a kitten, it is extremely beneficial to sleep long hours because this is the time that their growth hormones are released. So it makes sense to keep comfortable, reclusive beds so they can relax as much as they want to. They will conserve energy during sleep to spend when awake, and we know how active they can be. They are supremely flexible, strong, skilled in jumping and they love heights.
Guisapet Cat Caves are perfect for them. They are easy to clean, and as we know cats love grooming themselves and cleanliness is of great concern to them.
Also, this cave is scratch-proof which will prove to be a long-lasting investment for your furry baby.

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                     CAT HOUSE

Cats are territorial animals. Have you noticed how they like to place themselves in high places such as trees, cupboards and roofs so they can keep an eye on what is going on? They like to have a place of their own. As much as they like to look after themselves, they also like to have a clean space to sleep.
The Guisapet Cat House is suitable to leave outdoors during the summer when cats can spend more time outside in the garden. They love to sunbathe just like we do; if the weather is too hot for them, place the house somewhere cooler. It is UV treated, so it means that it won't lose its colour when exposed to sunlight but please do not leave this cat house outside all year around.


Guisapet cat furniture will enhance your surroundings with passion and excitement . It brings a sense of style and design to your home. Nobody said that just because it is a product for pets, it needs to be dull or cheap and we know how cats can be fussy animals. They take pride of themselves and for their belongings too.
In addition, Guisapet pet furniture is durable, proving to be a long lasting investment for your home and pets. It is made of injected Polypropylene, and is anti-scratch. Both house and cushion are easy to clean and not only that, the house repels dust .


Cats naturally like to lie in places where they can feel comfortable and safe. Guisapet cat caves were designed to contribute to the cat's urge to feel peaceful after challenging hard play hours. Sometimes cats like to be reclusive and look for a quiet area, far away from all the noise in the house. They like to play hard but they also like to rest a lot so they can regain their energy next time humans are around . You can place the cave wherever you want. It is light, so you can move it around the house. Although light, the Guisapet cat cave is sturdy. It is also anti-mould and doesn't retain odour.
We believe cats will love the Guisapet cave as much as we do.