Happy Customer from Germany. As seen on herzueberkopf.com... Kurt and his new cat bed


Home and Interieur - Kurt and his new cat bed


Normalerweise erhalte ich Pakete, in der letzten Woche aber erhielt unser Kater Kurt ein Päckchen und zwar ein ganz schön großes... Kurt staunte nicht schlecht, weil schon allein der Karton Spielplatz genug für ihn wäre... Aber so ist es wohl bei allen Katzen. (Jana von Bekleidet hat vor einiger Zeit bei Instagram ein Bild hochgeladen, auf dem sich eine ihrer Katzen komplett in einen kleinen Schuhkarton zwängt hihi). Die Post für Kurt war jedenfalls von Guisapet und enthalten war das coolste, lustigste und abgefahrenste Katzenbett, welches wir bis jetzt gesehen haben... Das Bett ist sehr hochwertig verarbeitet und komplett recyclebar. Aufgrund des festen Materials ist es auch Biss und Kratzfest, was ja schon ein riesen Vorteil für Mietzis ist, die gerne ihre Krallen ausfahren. Ich muss zugeben, dass das Monster Bett Kurt auf den ersten Blick nicht ganz geheuer war und er es erst von weitem betrachten musste. Nach einigen scharfen Blicken war er sich jedoch sicher - Das Bett wird sich nicht bewegen und ihn mit Sicherheit auch nicht verspeisen können! Jetzt liebt er es und kuchelt sich auf die weiche große rote Kissenzunge (die Hülle ist abziehbar und ebenfalls waschbar). Guisapet bietet noch weitere tolle Betten für Hunde und Katzne und wenn ihr ein oder mehrere Hasutiere habt und dazu auch noch etwas wirklich ausgefallenes in eurer Wohnung stehen haben möchtet, solltet ihr in dem Shop defintiv einmal vorbeischauen.

I usually receive parcels from different companies, but some days ago it was different and my tomcat Kurt got the biggest parcel we´ve ever seen...  It was a cat bed from Guisapet. It is soooo cool and freaky - we love it!!!! It is very easy to clean, beacuse The Guisapet Bed, cushion and its cover are fully washable. Furthermore Guisapet beds are totally recyclable. They are bite and scratch proof.  Also you can buy them for dogs under 7 kilos, and cats under 8 kilos, but bigger bed sizes are coming soon.  Furthermore it looks totally awesome at any place in your home and it definitely "decorates your surroundings with passion and excitement."


Please check my Instagram - I will post a video from Kurt and his new cat bed!

New Guisapet Dog Caves

Guisapet is delighted to announce its new product: Guisapet Dog Beds for Dogs under 15 Kilos. 

Two sizes, same idea, more happy customers

Now your medium sized dogs won't have to feel left out. Treat your dog today.

Guisapet Dog Beds are practical and stylish. 

Come and visit us on Autumn Fair International 2013 Birmingham, UK

Autumn Fair International - Inspiring Buying: 1-4 September, Volume sector opens the 31st of August, NEC Birmingham, UK

Guisapet will be delighted to be part of this great fair taking place in Birmingham, this coming September.

We will be showing not only our classic Cave Collection but also our new product Dog Cave for Dogs under 15 Kilos.

Classic Cave Collection

New product on the block: Guisapet Dog Cave for Dogs under 15 Kilos.

Comparing sizes: Medium Dog Cave and Small Dig Cave.
Two sizes.
Same idea.
 Many more happy customers.

To check our exclusive Autumn Fair official page, click Guisapet Autumn Fair 2013

Coming Soon...Dog Caves for Medium Size Dogs!

Guisapet is pleased to announce that our Dog Caves are going to be available for bigger size dogs too.

Beds are going to be available from September onwards. The new model will be accessible for dogs up to 15 Kilos. 

It will be available in Black and White. We are planning a third colour but let's leave as a surprise, shall we? ;-)

So  now there is no need to our medium size dogs to feel left out.

The new Guisapet Dog Cave will maintain the previous characteristics that make Guisapet Dog beds so desirable: easy to clean, durable and recyclable with a touch of design and style.

Guisapet Dog Caves for dogs up to 15 Kilos.

For more information, click on our  Online Shop.

As seen on Hull Daily Mail, July 11 2013

MAI-E01-S3  Thursday July 11 2013 - Hull Daily Mail


Brighten up your interior with our
pick of cheerful items. This week:
Give the dog a home ...
Easy to clean, this bed from the Guisapet Cave Collection is perfect for small dogs (or cats). It is bite and scratch-proof, UV treated, anti-mould, anti-static and repels dust, £75, from www.guisapet.com/Shop Here!.

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Guisapet Creative Beds for Cats and Small Dogs
Guisapet Cave Collection - Creative beds for Cats and Small Dogs
Guisapet Cave Collection - Creative beds for Cats and Small Dogs

Combining Design and Functionality...For our Pets!

Guisapet UK

The Little Guisapet Cave

Cats and dogs naturally like to burrow and settle into small holes. By doing this, they feel protected whether from predators or just awful weather. Even inside of our homes, where they would be protected and safe from such adversities, they still look for these places as a basic urge and need. They will look for a hiding-place where they can protect themselves from a night of thunderstorms, if they feel pain or just to eat their bones in peace. With this in mind we decided to create Guisapet Bed for cats and dogs, proposing a new vision and stylish concept for their emotional support. The Guisapet patented oval design provides a comfy place, offering a pleasant sleep with a bit more privacy for our beloved pets.  The elliptical exterior design, with protrusions in the superior part of the house resembles animals’ faces, being a fantastic attractive feature and also children love it.

Easy to clean

The Guisapet Bed, inside cover and cushion are fully washable and do not retain odour.


Our Guisapet beds are totally recyclable.

Long lasting - Durable

They are bite and scratch proof, made with injected Polypropylene, UV treated, anti-mould, antistatic and repel dust, made with the same product used as for automotive parts.


For dogs under 7 kilos, and cats under 8 Kilos.


Proudly made in Brasil and the oval design is patented by Guisapet.

For more information visit us on: 



Guisapet Cave Collection - Creative beds for Cats and Small Dogs
Guisapet Cave Collection - Creative beds for Cats and Small Dogs
Guisapet Cave Collection - Creative beds for Cats and Small Dogs

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As seen on "El Blog de Nuria" - Djoko the Pom, The cute Pomeranian from Mexico

Djoko the Pom is a cute Pomeranian from Mexico and he is also a big fan of Guisapet - Creative Beds For Cats and Small Dogs.
To learn more about Pomeranian dogs, click here!
Guisapet is also a perfect bed for Pomeranians like Djoko the Pom.
To visit El blog de Nuria, click here.


El que anda muy contentito hoy es Djoko the Pom porque le llegó un pedido especial. Se trata de una casita de la marca brasileña GuisaPet que es una Dog Cave, como cuevita con orejitas de oso en color verde agua y está fascinado. Lleva como dos horas metido ahí adentro.
Djoko the Pom - Guisapet
Estas casitas las vi el otro día en +KOTA y se me hicieron increíbles y súper originales, y ya las había escuchado porque el veterinario de Djoko también las vende a domicilio.
Las hay en blanco, verde, negro, azul, rosa y otros colores y las orejtas pueden ser de oso, de gato o de monstruo. Todas son del mismo tamaño (hasta 8 kg), como para perros chicos o medianos y también para gatos y hurones. Incluyen su cojín por lo que además están muy cómodas y se ven bonitas en las casas, además de que son 100% lavables y no guardan el olor de la mascota.
GuisaPet modelos
Tienen un costo aproximado entre $1,350 y $1,600 y como les decía, las pueden encontrar en +KOTA, Liverpool, y varias Petshops y clínicas veterinarias.

GuisaPet gato
GuisaPet yorkieGuisaPet rosaGuisaPet monstruo

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Guisapet Cave Collection - Creative beds for Cats and Small DogsGuisapet Cave Collection - Creative beds for Cats and Small DogsGuisapet Cave Collection - Creative beds for Cats and Small Dogs

Creative Beds for Cats and Small Dogs.

Guisapet UK

Does your dog have his own bed? Understand why it is important to have one and get to know how to prepare it to achieve best results.

For dogs, their house is more than a protection from wind, rain and cold. It is a place where they feel protected completely, a space of their own. Therefore, even if your dog lives inside your home, they should have their own little house. Your dog might not use it constantly but it will work as an emotional comfort just knowing that there is an available place in case your dog needs it.

Emotional support
Have you noticed how dogs run  under the beds or tables when they feel threatened? This happens because naturally and instinctively, dogs are animal burrowers so they like to hide and snuggle in small holes, where they will feel more protected from any danger.

The cosiness factor
Most dogs enjoy sleeping on comfy and soft surfaces – except on hot days when they prefer lying on cooler surfaces. Overall it is a good idea to invest and create a comfy environment for your dog - you don’t need to spend a fortune but having a nice place just for him might stop him searching for a comfy place in your home such as your own bed, sofas or expensive rugs.

You might not know this but dogs prefer small places to big ones. For them, comfy, small places give them more security than bigger spaces. The perfect place will be big enough that he can stand up, stretch a bit, do some steps and finally lay down. If it is a puppy, we can buy a house for its future adult size but make this place small and progressively give it more space as the dog gets bigger.  Is your dog house like this? But remember they want to feel cosy, warm, squeezed in a small hole.

If your pet’s house is placed outside, make sure it is a safe place protected from wind and rain. Check if the place chosen is safe enough that it will give shelter from a storm, a situation when you dog will need more protection.
Look for an anti-UV treated dog-house and keep away from the direct sun.
Remember dogs are pack animals and they like to feel part of the family. If the house is in the garden, it should be placed near the place where your dog can see you. They want to be near their owners so avoid places far away from you. Perhaps a place near the back door is a good idea! They need to know what is going on with their beloved ones – you! Inside home the same follows, look for places where there are more people such as the bedroom, kitchen or lounge – the important bit is to feel part of the crowd.

The best perfume for a dog is its owner’s smell. Simply rub your hands together and then touch a rug and place this rug inside your dog’s house – It’s dog heaven! Alternatively, you can sleep with a teddy bear for one night and donate it to your dog the next day. Our body smells are so important for our dogs – a much needed comfort when we are far away from them and they are feeling lonely, vulnerable or just missing us. This is the reason they search to lay in places where they can sense our body smells such as pillows, beds, sofas and car seats.

Mobile Home
Being a reference point for your pet, helping them not to feel so vulnerable in a new environment, the Guisapet Bed can and should go with your pet, wherever they go.

Hygiene is key. So, choose a kind of pet house that is easy to clean, such as Guisapet Bed Collection for cats and small dogs.

Guisapet, Creative Beds for Cats and Small Dogs. Durable, Easy to Clean and Recyclable. For Dogs under 7 Kilos and Cats under 8 kilos. Bigger Bed sizes coming soon.

For more info, click here: shop.guisapet.com

Contact Number: +44 7771 764 803

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Happy Customer from Spain!

This is Greta, a chihuahua from Barcelona, Spain. She is one of our happy customers.

The Guisapet Bed for Small Dogs is a perfect choice for dogs like Greta, a very cute chihuahua. It combines comfort for you pet and practicability to you as it is easy to clean and also durable. The cushion that comes with the Guisapet Dog Cave is also washable.

Why don't you treat your little pooch today? You can order here!

To learn more about chihuahuas, click here! =))

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